Episode 67 Shawn Kathleen, The Sassy Stew

20 Jun

Featuring an interview with Shawn Kathleen, The Sassy Stew

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CT gets started talking about getting yet another traffic ticket and the trials and tribulations of being a parent.

Kara brings the News of the Day with stories about Adam Carolla, Rodney King, Priscilla Presley and more.



Episode 66 Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

11 Jun

I Can’t Have Nice Things


CT talks about losing his expensive Ray Ban sunglasses after less than 24 hours of owning them. He talks about being the Best Man at a wedding over the weekend.

He talks about his Android smartphone and his Stitcher application fucking him over while a client called.

Kara brings the News of the Day.

Episode 65 Rambo from the A Little Punch Drunk podcast

23 May

Featuring an interview with Rambo from the A Little Punch Drunk podcast.

Rambo of the A Little Punch Drunk podcast

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CT gets started talking about having to go to Traffic school twice and about all his speeding tickets over time.

He introduces a new segment that cronicles the insanity of humanity called ‘Missed Connections’ from Craigslist.

Kara brings the news of the day.

Episode 64 The School Of Life

16 May

Life Lessons that will help you

Life Lessons They Don’t Teach You In School

1) Don’t Go Into Debt

2) Maximize Your Retirement (401k)

3) Personal Responsibility ; Take Care of Your Kids

4) Live Together Before You Get Married (But Don’t Move In Together Too Soon)

5) Learn To Work and Do a Good Job

6) Build Good Life Habits

7) You Owe It To Your Loved Ones To Be Happy

Kara brings The News of the Day

Episode 63 Expulsions and Suspensions

8 May

CT asks if the world is ready for a new podcast about asskicking and being a badass?

He talks about moving around the country and his various suspensions and expulsions.

I Was Kicked Out Of School!

He talks about a ‘Game of Thrones’ story of romance.

Kara brings the News of the Day

Episode 62 I Drank Myself Schizophrenic

1 May

CT talks about the guy at the beer store recognizing him and his order.

He talks about the one time he drank himself Schizophrenic.

I hope I'm not crazy.....

He talks about taking Alpha Brain.

He also talks about his drinkingest friend, Mat, and his skills at passing out early in the evening.

Kara brings the News

Episode 61 Mowing Your Lawn In The Dark

17 Apr

CT gets started complaining about his neighbor literally mowing his lawn in the dark.

This, except it was in the dark.

He talks about playing with his daughter and how she beats him up.

He talks about it being Tax Day, and all the fun that goes into that.

Kara brings the News of the Day.